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  1. Community Column February 2020

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    The Chamber continues to promote Helensburgh businesses at every opportunity as the success of the town for residents and visitors alike depends on a thriving commercial centre. 

    Evidence, not anecdote, has allowed us to be very upbeat over the last year or so, repeatedly reporting that Helensburgh is a town that is thriving and doing remarkably well given current economic challenges.

  2. Community Column December 2019

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    Big cheer for the town’s volunteers.

    Local commerce continues to thrive in Helensburgh and the Chamber continues to promote local businesses in discussions with potential investors in the town.

    Our recent independent Town Audit is a useful reference document in such discussions and the fact that business confidence in the town is considered to be well above average for a town of our size is proving an attractive selling point for new business.

  3. Community Column September 2019

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    Our article this week will make a determined effort to lead on good news as business owners express their concerns about negative reporting that constantly talks the town down.

    Congratulations to the Scottish Government for responding to the Waverley appeal and ensuring the future of this iconic vessel with their contribution of £1million.  The target to upgrade the vessel is now well within sight and that is welcome news for businesses along the Clyde who derive tremendous benefit from the steamer.