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Community Column December 2019

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Big cheer for the town’s volunteers.

Local commerce continues to thrive in Helensburgh and the Chamber continues to promote local businesses in discussions with potential investors in the town.

Our recent independent Town Audit is a useful reference document in such discussions and the fact that business confidence in the town is considered to be well above average for a town of our size is proving an attractive selling point for new business.

From our discussions, we understand that contractual agreements have now been concluded for a number of town centre properties and the New Year will bring some significant commercial developments which will provide greater choice for local residents and visitors alike.  This is good news for the town.

Our Town Audit also highlighted the fact that “Helensburgh has a strong and active voluntary sector” and given the outstanding efforts of volunteers in the last month it is fitting that the Chamber recognises this input as a significant factor in the town’s continuing commercial success.

In November Round Table volunteers organised a highly successful Bonfire Night, followed some three weeks later by the volunteer elves hosting the big switch on of a spectacular display of Christmas lights which will last for seven weeks, and then this weekend our Winter Festival volunteers created two magnificent days of family entertainment and created a real buzz around Colquhoun Square and the town centre.

Organisers of all three major events were delighted with the success of their ventures and the crowds that attended each one and commerce had a tremendous boost as you could literally hear the tills ringing throughout the town.   Congratulations and thank you to everyone who was involved.

The Chamber is confident that the economic contribution of volunteers in Helensburgh is in fact a huge selling point for businesses considering moving to the town as the Chamber’s recent discussions with commercial representatives has proved.

The Chamber appreciates the tremendous work that goes in to all these town centre activities, hour upon hour of planning and preparation as well as a great commitment on event days to give something special to our town, business would miss your input if these events were removed from the town’s busy calendar of events.

The Chamber hopes that all these groups feel appreciated by Helensburgh folk and will continue to help the town to prosper in 2020, business would be the poorer without your unstinting efforts.

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