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Community Column February 2020

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The Chamber continues to promote Helensburgh businesses at every opportunity as the success of the town for residents and visitors alike depends on a thriving commercial centre. 

Evidence, not anecdote, has allowed us to be very upbeat over the last year or so, repeatedly reporting that Helensburgh is a town that is thriving and doing remarkably well given current economic challenges.

Businesses expect and allow for the post Christmas financial dip, a fact of life nowadays, but this month local businesses are reporting an unexpected threat to their turnover and sustainability, the “rain drain” – customers appearing to hibernate because of the dreich weather, yes we even have a word for it.

However, one of our famous predecessors, Charles Macintosh, foresaw this monsoon month and gave us the raincoat, please do remember our shops are still open and need our support to weather this period, pun intended! It is tough for many of them at the moment.

Businesses in the town do appreciate the work of volunteers who undertake projects to improve the town and at our last meeting members wished to record their appreciation of the work done by the Community Council, particularly Roger Clarke, on the beds in Colquhoun Square, they now look as though the town cares, neat and tidy, well pruned and relatively weed free.

Likewise, the horticultural touch in our Central station provides a cheery welcome to the town and the long-standing provision of the planted tubs is a credit to the Helensburgh and Gareloch Horticultural Society volunteers. Thank you for all you do to brighten our town.

Early next month the Chamber will circulate a newsletter with details of the potential for co-working with Love Loch Lomond and the campaign for a rethink on the council’s determination to threaten the future of the town centre with the removal of coaches from Helensburgh seafront parking for the three year construction phase of the leisure centre and beyond.

Our next members’ meeting will be on March 11 in the Commodore Hotel Coffee Shop at 7pm. It is open to anyone and we would value any ideas on the forthcoming battle to save the town’s coach trade. It’s loss would affect everyone one way or another.

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